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19THC Antique Victorian Ladys Ornate Carved Handle Sun Parasol with Lace Lot
TrueShade Plus 9 ft. Aluminum Garden Parasol with Push Button Tilt and Crank
Used Item
Lovely Child S Antique Parasol Ruffled Layers Wood Handle Adorable 1880-1920
Used Item
Antique Folding Parasol W Knobby Wood Handle
Used Item
Antique Vintage J Handle Umbrella Parasol Butterfly Print Silk Hng
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TrueShade Plus 9' Garden Parasol with Push Button Tilt and Crank Antique Beige
Used Item
Antique Victorian Parasol/ Umbrella Handle- Mother of Pearl Rolled Gold
Bid: $95.00
Buy: $125.00
Used Item
No bids
Antique French Parasol House of Dupuy C.early 1890S Victorian Black Ruffled
Weddingstar 9533-79 Antiqued Battenburg Lace Parasol - Small
Used Item
Walking Parasol Umbrella Off White Edwardian Victorian Original 1890 Antique
Used Item
Antique Victorian Era Black Chantilly Lace Carraige Parasol or Umbrella
Used Item
Antique Vintage Victorian Black Silk Parasol Umbrella Small Folding Carved Wood
Used Item
French Antique 1800 S Victorian Net Lace Parasol Ornate Carved Wood Handle
TrueShade UAM076PBK 7 ft. Garden Parasol Umbrella with Push Button Tilt & Crank - Black
Jewett Cameron UAM096PAR 9 ft. True Shade Plus Garden Parasol with Push Button Tilt & Crank Aruba
Bid: $C 125.00
Buy: $C 195.00
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No bids
A. Lyon Original Antique Black Silk Victorian Parasol with Alencon Lace
Used Item
Vintage Victorian Umbrella Parasol Rain Sun Antique Display Wooden Handle
Used Item
Antique Victorian Parasol Umbrella / Antique Carved Elephant Head Handle
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TrueShade Plus 7' Garden Parasol with Push Button Tilt and Crank Antique Beige
Used Item
Antique Parasol Umbrella Telescope Handle Carriage Early Civil War Era 1860 Vg
Used Item
Antique 21 1/2 Child's or Doll Umbrella Parasol All Original Carved Wood Hand
Used Item
Original Antique Black Lace Victorian Mourning Folding Carriage Parasol 1860S