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WWI Ever Ready Army Kit Razor Shave US Khaki
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US Canteen World War I - 1918 Dated - US - 1918-t.j.w.b.m.C0
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WWI Turkish K98 8MM Mauser Muzzle Cover Sight Guard Brass or Steel Each E2518
Used Item
Ww I Leather 1918 Pistol Holster
The Hitler I Knew : A Young Girl's Memoirs of WW II in Germany
Used Item
WWI 1917 .45 Revolver Half Moon Pouch 1918
Used Item
WWI US Soldier S Compass Made in France
Charlotte Home Furnishings WW-8028-11210 Footprints I Afghan Throw Beige
Charlotte Home Furnishings WW-8023-11205 Serenity Prayer I Afghan Throw Green
Used Item
WWI Era US Army M1910 T-handle Shovel Canvas Cover - Dated 1917 - Excellent
Bid: $19.99
Buy: $75.00
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No bids
Original WWI US M1907 Rifle Sling
Barnes & Noble
Trench Warfare and Infantry Armament WW I
I Maintain the Right : The 307th Airborne Engineer Battalion in WW II
Used Item
WWI US M1905/M1910 Entrenching Tool Shovel
Walmart Online
Sturmtruppen: Ww I German Stormtroopers 1914-1918
Used Item
US Ww I Era Mess Kit Knife Unit Marked Rough
Walmart Online
Coastal Command: A Short History of the Maritime Air Force Which Protected the United Kingdom's Shipping During WW I and WW II
Walmart Online
Manual Woodworkers & Weavers Serenity Prayer Tapestry Cotton Throw
Charlotte Home Furnishings WW-8021-11203 Old Rugged Cross I Afghan Throw Blue
Used Item
WWI US Army Identification Plates Dog Tags Bracelet Aef France Field Hospital
Barnes & Noble
Our Final Salute: WW II Letters From Immigrant Brothers Volume I
Used Item
Ww I Metal Tin Small Sewing Kit Patented 1912 In-spool Mfg Co. New York Complete
Used Item
Original US WWI Soldiers Housewife Sewing Kit Partial Contents
Ww I US 45 Caliber Web Pouch Dated 1918 Russell Original Never
Used Item
Original US Ww I Army Od Canvas Magazine Pouch For the M1911 Pistol