Choosing The Right Milwaukee Band Saw Blades


Choosing The Right Milwaukee Band Saw Blades

Milwaukee Band Saw BladesThere are many factors to consider when deciding which Milwaukee band saw blades are right for your project. Choosing the wrong blade can cause damage and be costly. Keep the following tips in mind to ensure a long-lasting, durable blade, all while staying safe.

There are variety of materials, width, tooth design and configurations for the best bandsaw blades. Factors to be taken into consideration are like, what material needs to be cut and how, the type of band saw, or the blade selection. After all, you can not use one blade to fulfill every purpose.

Generally, Their tooth life is sturdy and lasting, suitable for metal-cutting applications, including strut, conduit, angle iron, copper tube, threaded rod, and pipe. Tooth form, pitch, and set have been designed to deliver straight, accurate cuts across a broad range of materials. Matrix II high speed steel teeth deliver maximum durability. Alloy backing steel provides extended blade life. Precision formed teeth create fast, clean cuts.

Regardless whether you need to cut metal, wood, plaster, or even concrete, Milwaukee has the heavy duty blade solution which allows you to complete your work easily and swiftly.

Milwaukee M12 Band Saw Blades

Milwaukee M12 Band Saw BladesMilwaukee m12 band saw blades are designed to optimize the performance of the M12 Cordless Sub-Compact type. They are commonly used for cutting materials with thickness of 5/32 inch – 3/16 inch and very hard materials thickness of 3/16 inch – 5/16 inch. It was reviewed that they can cut well and are able to perform at least 1000 cuts with the same blade while still be in high quality.


Milwaukee M18 Band Saw Blades

Milwaukee M18 Band Saw BladesThere are two types of Milwaukee m18 band saw blades, as listed below. And they are frequently bought together by customers. The first is the type of blades compact (35-3/8 inch) 18 TPI, which are manufactured in United States, easy to use and durable. They are used for cutting common materials of 5/32 inch – 3/16 inch thick and very hard materials 3/16 inch – 5/16 inch thick. The second type is the 24 TPI compact band saw blades (35-3/8 inch), also manufactured in United States, are user friendly and long lasting. They are used for cutting regular materials up to 5/32 inch thick and very hard materials 5/32 inch – 3/16 inch thick.

Milwaukee Band Saw Blades 2629-20

Milwaukee Band Saw Blades 2629-20If you are looking for suitable Milwaukee band saw blades 2629-20, check out the 24 TPI standard or deep cut portable as well as the 18 TPI compact portable type of blade. Both types come in a pack of 3 pieces. The 24 TPI blade dimensions are 35-3/8 inch x 1/2 inch x .020 inch. While the 18 TPI compact B is 35 inch. It is fast cutting and has precision formed teeth create fast.

As for the Milwaukee 2629-20 M18 18-Volt Cordless Band Saw, it is a cordless tool only, without the blades and battery. So you will need to purchase the blades separately. But anyhow, it is a perfect tool for cutting metal in-place, overhead or in tight spaces.

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