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The Top Milwaukee Hole Hawg

Milwaukee Hole Hawg

The Milwaukee Hole Hawg is a drill made by the Milwaukee Tool Company. If you search in a regular equipment store, you could locate smaller tools yet not the Hole Hawg, which is as well efficient and also pricey for residents. The Hole Hawg does not have the pistol-like style of a low-cost homeowner’s drill. It is a cube of durable metal with a deal with standing out of one face and also a chuck placed in another. The dice includes a disconcertingly powerful electrical motor. You could hold the handle as well as run the trigger with your forefinger, yet unless you are extremely robust you can not control the weight of the Hole Hawg with one hand; it is a two-hander all the way.

To fight off the counter-torque of the Hole Hawg, you make use of a separate handle (supplied), which you screw right into one side of the iron dice or the various other relying on whether you are using your left or right hand to run the trigger. This handle is not a sleek, ergonomically created product as if on a property owner’s drill. It is simply a foot-long chunk of regular galvanized pipeline, threaded on one end, with a black rubber manage on the other. If you lose it, you just visit the neighborhood plumbing supply shop and purchase an additional portion of the pipeline.

Milwaukee Right Angle Drill Kit – 2708-22 M18 Fuel Hole Hawg with Quik-Lok

Milwaukee Right Angle Drill

This Milwaukee Right Angle Drill can drill faster compared to the original corded HOLE HAWG®, provides over 150 7/8″ Holes Per Charge, and is over 30% lighter weight than its corded predecessor. The QUIK-LOK ™ chuck is made for fast, keyless, one-handed little bit modifications and works with 7/16″ Hex flat or groove shank bits. Enhanced for electricians, the M18 FUEL ™ HOLE HAWG ® is the primary cordless tool of its kind, delivering game-changing efficiency for experts piercing with augers as much as 1-1/4″ and also self-feed little bits as much as 2″.

The POWERSTATE ® brushless electric motor supplies far better efficiency compared to corded drills, specifically under massive tons. REDLINK PLUS™ Intelligence is the most sophisticated electronic system on the marketplace, protecting against damages to the tool and battery caused by overloading or overheating. The REDLITHIUM ™ XC4.0 batteries offer as much as 2X more run time as well as charges compared to standard lithium, operate to 0 * F/ -18 * C. and also have battery energy gauge to display the remaining charge. Click here for more details.

There are 2 variations of this product as shown below. Not all product variations may be available from your local Authorized Milwaukee Distributor or Online Retailer. Please contact the distributor or retailer for availability.

  • M18 FUEL™ HOLE HAWG® Right Angle Drill w/ QUIK-LOK™ (Bare Tool) 2708-20
  • M18 FUEL™ HOLE HAWG® Right Angle Drill Kit w/ QUIK-LOK™ 2708-22

Some of the Customer Reviews from Amazon are:

Nice Tool To Have In Your Arsenal. By Big D on June 2, 2015
“Just got done with work and using this tool. Drilled studs, joists, plates, and cripples while using 1-1/8″ ship auger bit. First impressions: WOW! Secondly: WOW, Ok seriously this is a really nice tool. Drilled approximately about 30 holes on a fully charged battery. This drill absolutely without question is a must have for electricians. Where it worked out the best for me was drilling joists for cans and ceiling lights. After using chorded Milwaukee hole hawg most of my career, I had my doubts. I tried using m18 drill/driver in the past, and to much disappointment; Fail. So with that kinda thinking I tried this, and yes I know ship auger bits pull hard, but we had an open house at our local electrical supply house, and the Milwaukee rep was there with this tool. He had doubled up some 2×4’s, let me get my bit. Well, you can imagined how it went since I bought it the next day. This thing is soooooo much lighter than corded hogs, and a lot easier to handle. The batteries won’t let it bind up on you and throw you.
I will try to make a video a little later, but in the meantime, I am really liking this drill. Only time will tell, but worth the money.
Side note: Milwaukee has a promotion going on til June 31st, if you trade in a corded Milwaukee tool, you get a $100 for it, working or not. Look at my other reviews, and you will see how many Milwaukee tools I have to compare to.
I will update in about a month to see how it holds up. I did have some extra batteries before I bought this, but you have to make sure that they are the 4.0 amp batteries. Hope this helps, have a great day.”

Undeniably the best drill I’ve used for self feed bits. By 04 Ram 1500/07 Lincoln MKZ on June 3, 2016
“Verified Purchase. Undeniably the best drill iv used for self feed bits. Been doing low voltage/electrical work for 8 years now and this thing is worth its weight in gold.. The quick release chuck is great and worth having. Never have to worry about losing the chuck key again. The power it puts out is incredible. Faster and smoother than my corded drill which cost twice as much. This is a must have for all contractors. Highly recommend.”

A must buy for residential electricians. By BulletProof83 on April 2, 2016
“I’m a residential electrician and we wire at least 1 house a week. I’m normally not a huge fan of Milwaukee tools. However I bought into Milwaukee specifically for this tool. Since buying this tool I have shaved off at least an hour per house, since I don’t have to drag around a cord or ladder to drill out the house. With the Quik-Lok feature I started to use 2 long extensions with a 18″ x 3/4″ auger to drill the top plates. It takes an average of 4 to 5 fully charged 4 Amp hour batteries to drill out a house so I would recommend getting some extra batteries and an extra charger. I’ve been using this drill for about a year now and I’m still excited about using it. This is the only Milwaukee cordless tool I own and have about $750-$800 in it if you include the extra batteries and chargers. I would spend the money again no regrets. This drill will pay for itself with time saved in no time. I have even considered buying a second one. I just cant say enough good things about this tool and that’s coming from a Bosch guy who used the Dewalt corded DW124 for 13+ years. The only thing that you have to be mindful of is when trying to drill through 5 to 6 studs at one time , you will want to make sure to have at least 2 bars of battery. Otherwise the drills bind control kicks in without enough torque. The auger will get stuck and have to be manually removed via wrench of some sort. Knowing that I just change the battery before attempting to drill so many studs at one time.”

Using it to drill threw joists it work out like champ well worth the money makes job easier. By kenney burris on May 23, 2015
“this drill right here is the business with the quick release and I also bought quick release extention for I did a repipe with this drill using it to drill threw joists it work out like champ well worth the money makes job easier and faster with great equipment”

Milwaukee Hole Saw Kit, 49-22-4105 19-Piece Master Electricians Ice Hardened

Milwaukee Hole Saw

Made in the USA, this Milwaukee Hole Saw Kit includes the following items:

  • (1) 1 1/8″ Hole Dozer™ Bi-Metal Hole Saw
  • (1) 1 3-4 in Hole Dozer Bi-Metal Hole Saw
  • (1) 1 3-4 in Hole Dozer Bi-Metal Hole Saw
  • (1) 1 3/8″ Hole Dozer™ Bi-Metal Hole Saw
  • (1) 2 1/2″ Hole Dozer™ Bi-Metal Hole Saw
  • (1) 2 1/4″ Hole Dozer™ Bi-Metal Hole Saw
  • (1) 2 5-8 in Hole Dozer Bi-Metal Hole Saw
  • (1) 2″ Hole Dozer™ Bi-Metal Hole Saw
  • (1) 3 5/8″ Hole Dozer™ Bi-Metal Hole Saw
  • (1) 3″ Hole Dozer™ Bi-Metal Hole Saw
  • (1) 3/4″ Hole Dozer™ Bi-Metal Hole Saw
  • (1) 4 1/8″ Hole Dozer™ Bi-Metal Hole Saw
  • (1) 4 3-4 in Hole Dozer Bi-Metal Hole Saw
  • (1) Small Thread Arbor, 3/8″ (49-56-7010)
  • (1) 1/4″ x 3-1/2″ High Speed Steel Pilot Bit (49-56-8010)
  • (1) Large Thread Quick Change Arbor, 7/16″ (49-56-9100)
  • (1) 7/8″ Hole Dozer™ Bi-Metal Hole Saw

The Milwaukee® Hole Dozer™ Hole Saw features Rip Guard™, the strongest tooth type in the industry, backed by the Slit Guard ™ Minimal Lifetime Tooth Break Guarantee. Each tooth is developed with even more steel behind the cutting edge for extra strength. The Rip Guard ™ warranty on tooth breaks is a first for the hole saw market. The added tooth strength together with 8% cobalt provides included life to the teeth, permitting increased performance on the job site, as well as continued opening top quality. The Hole Dozer ™ consists of Plug Jack ™, an all gain access to slot layout that enables gain complete access during the plug removal. The Plug Jack ™ gives reduced access into the cup for a solid product as well as greater towards the teeth for thin material. With several placements to use leverage as well as better plug access, Plug Jack ™ enhances efficiency as well as gets rid of lost downtime between holes.

Some of the Customer Reviews from Amazon are:
Five Stars. By Rogeron January 22, 2016
“As always Milwaukee shines like a new dime”

Hole saws. By Bobon November 18, 2015
“Awesome kit!”

Five Stars. By JDon October 25, 2015
“Great quality, nice case.”

Good kit, great case. By michael simmonson May 17, 2015
“This is a good kit with a good case. Lots of sizes all in one case. Seem to stay sharp after some moderate use. The quick change is ok although I prefer what Bosch offers as it’s quicker. I bought this for the number of sizes that fit into the case and the positive latches and heavy duty hinge they used. When you carry a hole saw kit into somebodies house the last thing you want is it spilling open and bouncing on a customers hardwood floor. This happened to me with the previous saw kit with a really cheap case. My only complaint is I wish they made the plug easier to remove.”

GREAT BUY. By orchardmanon March 17, 2015
“As good a quality as Milwaukee is known for.”

Milwaukee Super Hole Hawg ½ Inch

Milwaukee Super Hole Hawg

The Milwaukee Super Hole Hawg has the electrical power as well as the speed for piercing holes of all dimensions in wood building construction. The two-speed adjustable Milwaukee-built motor has a high operating rate, with an easy-turn equipment change handle and a clutch in the small gear range. You’ll obtain maximum convenience and comfort with the soft-grip Roto-Lok ® handle, which shifts in between three placements and the front t-bar handle the gear instance.

There are 2 variations of this product as shown below. Not all product variations may be available from your local Authorized Milwaukee Distributor or Online Retailer. Please contact the distributor or retailer for availability.

  • 1/2″ Super Hawg™ 1680-20
  • 1/2″ Super Hawg™ with Carrying Case 1680-21

Some of the Customer Reviews from Amazon are:

Not a plumber but.. By skye cohenon December 29, 2015
“These are commonly referred to as plumbers drills (the hole hawg is the “electrician drill”). I am a carpenter and was tired of hurting my wrists and giving myself heart attacks when drilling with hole saws on ladders, dryer vents for example.. I found a great deal from cpo reconditioned and figured it was worth it cause im getting older and i don’t want to keep risking my neck.. I was blown away by this drill, really a pleasure to use, makes big holes effortless.”

This will rip your arm off if not used correctly … By Alan C.on September 13, 2015
“This will rip your arm off if not used correctly. It has a tremendous amount of power and bores through 6 2X10’s without a problem or stopping.”

highly recommend. By AJon May 11, 2015
“An absolute beast… overall config perfect for all applications thus far”

Milwaukee Hole Hawg Parts – Identify The Model Number

Looking for Milwaukee Hole Hawg parts to fix your tool? By repairing your personal household devices and electronics, you are offering them a second chance as well as conserving them from the landfill site. You’ll also decrease the amount of waste, power and gas it requires to manufacture and also provide new items.

To find the appropriate components or accessories, you need to find your Milwaukee model number. Milwaukee calls their model numbers “catalog numbers (CAT NO.)”. And their type numbers are called “serial numbers (SER).” You might need both to identify your version, so see to it you get both figures.

Milwaukee always specifies their catalog numbers on the tool’s nameplate. And you’ll notice that nameplates are typically rather simple to find. As an example, on a drill, it’s located on the right side. So on your unit, just seek the nameplate on the location of your device that’s safe from wear and tear. This may be the bottom, top, side, or other position. Merely see to it you check the complete tool, it’ll be there.

Milwaukee model numbers (CAT NO.) are normally 4 digit figures and also the SER number will only be the first 4-5 figures of the whole serial number. So if you see a CAT NO. 6236 SER. 769F, you’re in luck. That’s all the info required to find your model.

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