The Best 3 Milwaukee Tool Chest Types And Reviews


The Best 3 Milwaukee Tool Chest Types And Reviews

Milwaukee Tool ChestMilwaukee tool chest is a great storage solution which is innovatively designed as aligned with their goal. With the durability, functionality and having organizing options, their storage innovations fulfill the needs of DIY’ers and professionals. As most buyers know, durability in an affordable tool cabinet is hard to come by. And if you are searching for one with heavy duty slides and drawers, it is even tougher to find.


The Different Types Of Milwaukee Tool Chest For Sale

There are different types of Milwaukee tool chest for sale in the market place. They come in different sizes and functionalities. You need to undertake a thorough market survey before you decide on the best. This article focuses on three types of the brand’s tool chest you can find in the marketplace. You will discover that the best tool chest depends on your needs.


1 – Milwaukee Tool Chest 46 Inch With Cabinet

Milwaukee Tool Chest 46The manufacturer pairs the Milwaukee tool chest 46 inch with cabinet to come up with an excellent storage tool. You will realize that most tool chests that have cabinets usually have a glossy finish. However, this tool chest with cabinet comes with a matte powder coating finish.

This finish gives the product an amazing finish. It will assist you to subdue any appearance of scratches. You can clean this product with a lot of ease and it does not hold your fingers like the case of stainless steel.


You may be tempted to believe that this is a normal product from the outside appearance. However, you will come across some amazing features as you open the drawers. The device comes with a 6 outlet power strip that is built into the cabinet and chest. You can always keep your battery chargers in the top chest. You simply plug in the extension cord since the power strip is already built in.

The power strip of the tool cabinet is on the outside to provide options for other possibilities. Therefore, you can run some corded possibilities; mount chargers, stream music from the Milwaukee M18 radio, and charge your radio just to name a few.

The back of the top chest has a metal peg wall where you can store your hand tools such as nut drivers and screwdrivers to keep them organized. As the pneumatic lid closes, it offers 10.5 inches of head clearance which is enough for several cordless tools such as the impact driver and brushless still.

The device has eight drawers that are sized and traditionally organized on the top of the cabinet. The drawer that is on the bottom left has pull out work surface feature. You can use the flat metallic top to hold your laptop, camera, and notepad as you continue with your work. This feature also offers you some temporary working space that supplements the top surface. You cannot lose any storage capacity because the lid lifts offer storage space below.

Milwaukee provides one broad drawer at the top and split the rest instead of making long drawers in the cabinet tool that is at the bottom. The left side has deep, medium, and shallow drawers approximately 2/3 in length. The right third of the chest has one deep drawer and three shallow ones. The bottom right hand side drawer has a power tool box for holding your tools and batteries in place.

Milwaukee 46 inch tool chest and cabinet has a combined capacity of 1800 pounds. To further improve durability, the device comes with reinforced angles and 5” industrial casters on its iron frame. One advantage with this tool chest is that it closes with a lot of ease. Each drawer slides smoothly and as it appears closing, the close feature takes over.


2 – Milwaukee Tool Box 26 Inch

Milwaukee Tool Box 26Milwaukee tool box 26 inch is not only durable on the job site but also a great functional piece of your gear. It fulfills the primary purpose of a workbox which is to carry and transport tools. It has a height of 12.25 inches, width of 13.4 inches, length of 26 inches, weight of 11.5 pounds, capacity of 200 pounds and volume of 3400 cubic inches.

Features and Functionality

The main features of the Milwaukee 26 inch work box include an indexing square, corner pocket storage, screw mounting bosses, pass through side grips, over modeled wide grip handle, clamping cut groove, integrated weather seal, reinforced corners, processed recessed latches, buttressed pinches, and an impact resilient resin construction.

The Resin material gives you an assurance of durability. The device has angles buttressed hinges to protect the metal that is in the hinge. The blow glances off in case of a direct fall on the hinge leaving it undamaged. The latches are simple and have a durable and functional design.

This 26 inch box has an integrated weather seal that offers protection against dust and rain. The box also has a clumping cut groove that secures it for cutting. The corner pockets are perfectly sized to fit all your drivers, batteries and drills. However, it also provided extra durability and additional rigidity to the corners. You will still have enough space in the center for storing longer tools. You could also store your hand tools in an upright position instead of allowing them to scatter everywhere.


3 – Milwaukee Tool Chest 30 Inch 12 Drawer With Rolling Cabinet Combo

Milwaukee Tool Chest 30This Milwaukee tool chest 30 inch is a storage tool combo that embodies the reliability, durability, and quality that most professionals seek. The combo boasts of a storage space of up to 1990 cu and can comfortably support up to 1400 lbs. it has multi-sized drawers that include premium solid drawer liners, anodized aluminum drawer pulls, and 100lb.

The tool chest has soft closing drawer slides which retain the drawers from slamming shut and accidental opening. The tool chest features a 9.2 in deep clamshell lid that has sufficient room to host most of the power tools. The back wall provides additional storage capacity the system also has an innovative pull out work surface drawer that comes with a separate locking mechanism. You can store your laptop and other valuables in this drawer.

You can still extend and secure the drawer to offer a stable and fixed work surface. The rolling cabinet has a built in, and a 6 outlet power center for battery charging. You can run the power cord through the embedded rubber access grommet with a lot of convenience. The 10.2 in bottom cabinet drawers comprise of the Milwaukee battery packs, impact wrenches and drivers, 4 station power tool organizer for the storage of your cordless drills. You will agree with me that it is another excellent producing the tool chest line.


Milwaukee Tool Chest Reviews In Conclusion

Milwaukee Tool Chest ReviewsHaving gone through these three Milwaukee tool chest reviews, you will agree with all these types of tool chests are a great choice. The choice of the best tool chest depends on your needs. You can still find more tool chests in the market place. However, I personally love the 46 inch tool chest with cabinet. I find it to be very effective when it comes to service delivery.


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